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MenuBus is looking for Value Added Resellers (VARs) to not only resell our product, but to add & bundle their own services in the process. Organizations such as SEO & web design firms, web hosting companies, software vendors or even computer shops could profit from reselling our software while increasing brand value.

Multiple Income

Our market-specific product can open up extra streams of income whilst increasing your organizations profitability simultaneously. Bundle our software with your own services such as custom website design, website hosting and maintenance.

Increased Profitability

Menubus will profit share on all our system packages from shared per-order charge or a flat profit on our single-pay packages. Plus, we'll never compete with you, and even send you clients who require bundled packages!

White Label

Want to keep your company brand? Become a Power Reseller and we'll completely re-brand our product to support your company colors, logo & contact information. MenuBus copyright & powered by links will be swapped over to you! You'll be able to sell our products under your name, and we'll still support you and your clients in the process.

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Get started today, you have nothing to lose! It's free to join, and get a 25% profit split on your first customer.
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If you've ever wanted to operate an online food ordering service just like Grubhub, JustEat or Seamless then Menubus can help.

We can offer you a bulk license to start and operate your own food ordering portal for as little as $199 in addition to our free profit split reseller program. Get started now.

Let us know you're interested. Fill out the form to your left and we'll send you an email with more information and package breakdown on our reseller programs.

Important: We only sell a set number of licenses of our multi-restaurant portal version.