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Premium software, affordable price. Many restaurants require the freedom and control of having their own copy installed and managed on their own servers. We give you the option to acquire a copy of our software for your restaurant, giving you complete control over the looks and minor functionalities as well as any additional features you might develop.

Don't know how to install or setup your online store? System install & setup available for the non-techie!


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  • Download & Install On Your Server
  • No free upgrades
  • Unlimited registered customers
  • 30 days Premium Support
  • Additional features available
*You will need a gateway & merchant account to accept credit cards in real-time from your customers. Additionally, our software can fax or post the credit card information to you, which can be keyed in your machine. Credit card gateway integration may be considered custom work.

It's easy to see how you'll save thousands of dollars with Menubus.

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Menubus Grubhub, Seamless, Justeat* Other Competitors**
Starting Cost $999 $0 $0-$500
Monthly Cost $0 $375+ $100+
Yearly Cost $0 $4,500+ $1,200+
In 3 Months - You could have owned a Menubus license by this point You could have owned a Menubus license by this point
3 YEARS LATER Nothing changes, your food order software is still functional You'd have lost $13,000+ when you stopped using this service You'd have lost $3,600+ when you stopped using this service
Features Menubus offers the same feature set than most of our competitors, and in most cases, we out-perform our competitions. - -
Menu Updates Instant, you can perform menu changes directly 1-2 weeks! 1-2 weeks + additional costs!
Ownership You own the license forever. NEVER NEVER
* based on a conservative $2,500 monthly order total & 15% order royalty
** based on a conservative 100 orders per month & $1 charge per order
*** other competitors charge a combination of order royalty plus monthly fee e.g. $89/month + 5% of orders


Included features with in all our packages.

Hosted On Your Server! Bundled Website Package Take-Out, Delivery & Dine-In Orders Easy To Use Menu Builder Great Pizza Builder Flexible Food Modifiers Plotted Delivery Zones Customer Engagements Via Email, SMS & Apps Notify Free Printer Notify App (Windows OS) Order Reporting & Tracking Use Your Own Credit Card Gateway Smart Upsell System Customers Order From Your Mobile App or Website Single Software, Multiple Locations Support Any Language, Any Currency Much, Much MORE!
There are no hidden fees or royalties of any kind. There are no monthly usage fees or per-order fees. What you see on our pricing page is what you'll pay for the package you choose.
Keep in mind that any customizations, add/edit features, custom design, additional setups, additional support, or any other items not included in your package might carry additional costs.
Unlike our competitors who will charge you ~$99 and/or ~10% of your sales every month, Menubus offers a one-time purchase cost to license our software to you. You don't have to pay us anything else to keep using our software, ever.
No, the license do not expire, and can be moved from server to server. The only exception is if you change domain names, which will cost additional to re-create a new license key.
  • PHP 5.3x
  • mcrypt
  • curl
  • gd
  • ioncube loaders
  • pear mail (optional)

RecentlyClient says

Stuart D.

Excellent overall experience so far; with an easy to use, customer friendly and very versatile software package! I can't wait to see the new business pouring in!

Amana G.

Simply the best online food ordering software I've used. Great mobile food ordering app plus it didn't cost me an arm & leg.

Steven L.

We have tried online ordering in the past, and we can not be happier that now we met the folks over at MenuBus. We have found their system to be far superior, and they were extremely patient and helpful in customizing the software and making sure that it works for our needs. The high level of customer service they provided us, was equally matched by their level of software expertise. I highly recommend menubus!

Mani U.

As a web developer I have used your system over a dozen times for our clients who require online ordering. I will continue using your system. Thank you for the help!

Juanita E.

Best free service I've found in years. Best of all it works for my restaurant regional currency requirements. Thank you guys!

Torrey P.

They helped me setup my restaurant menus in less than a day. Great job, I highly recommend Menubus!

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Most flexible software packages in the industry. Standard setup to corporate, multi-locations & white-label solutions available.

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